First Step On The Moon , 2013/14

laser, mirror, acrylic glas
dimensions variable
framed photo print from NASA-archive, Nr.AS11-40-5882HR
22x31 cm

photos © VG-Bildkunst

This installation was specifically developed for the exhibition „for whatever is repugnant to the laws of the intellect and the reason, is of course impossible“, which was about truth and consciousness. Therefore I created a laser installation, which refers to the NASA retroreflector project on the moon and should become a representative for conspiracy theories to examine at which point these theories become believable. I led a high technology laser through the whole exhibition space, which is passing through walls and is reflected the same direction back to its initial point via a retroreflector mirror system. A reproduction of a photograph from the NASA archive, showing an astronauts shadow on the moon, is integrated in the installation.