Chris Bierl & Altan Duulag - w.T. (12 Tied Horses), 2014

on site performance in Orchon Valley, Mongolia at the 3rd Land Art Biennial LAM 360°
(12 horses, 12 poles, 12 metal buckets, water, rope, horsehead fiddle, musician)

Photo: Injihnaash Bor

For Yannis Kounellis, Land Art was something "impossible", as in his opinion values are created within an institutional structure, which cannot be fulfilled by the landscape. In his work w.T. (12 Live Horses) from 1969 in the Gallerie L'Attico in Italy, he exhibited 12 horses for three days. At the time it was an understatement towards the gallery as a space for commercial activities.

Chris Bierl reverses Kounellis statement of Land Art by quoting his work 12 Live Horses in the context of the Mongolian steppe. He ties 12 horses in a natural surrounding affected by the cultural understanding of the nomads, whose land is not owned by anyone and whose animals are not forced into paddocks or stables.

The traditional horsehead fiddle player Altan Duulag from Inner Mongolia sits down in front of this 'still life' and interprets the staged scenery, communicating with the horses. While the musician traditionally responds to the natural environment, in this case his play is a variation on the art installation in front of him - like Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition." This performance is a concert responding to an animal group portrait.
(Text: Vera Tollmann)

Altan Duulag - Variation 3 : PLAY

Sketch: 30x40cm, 2014


Photo: Kinez Riza

special thanks to:
Altan Duulag (Horsehead Fiddle Musician), Davaasuren Ganbaatar (Nomad, Horsekeeper), Khasbagana Aldar & Shurbum Shuree (Camp Talbuin), Zigor Barayazarra, LebensArt Stiftung, Laura Cooper, Kinez Riza