Denn alles was den Gesetzen des Verstandes und der Vernunft widerstreitet, ist freilich unmöglich.

21/09/ - 13/10/2013

Berlin, September 2013: The reliability of knowledge and believe versus impassionate realism and truth are terms that describe the main concept of this exhibition. 8 artists approach varietys of truth with different artistic forms of expression.

The world is changing rapidly in sense of knowledge and media and we pretend to have more knowledge than ever before. But how do we define knowledge? Is it only existent if we can prove its truth? What about intuition and subjective cognition? Does every human carry and protect its personal truth? In which terms does the World Wide Web affect our thinking and communication? And what is the ratio of the individual versus the collective knowledge, behavior, and consciousness?

The artists and authors of the project do not aim to find answers and evidence, they rather aim to trigger questions and thoughts that might lead to new assumptions, utopia, or maybe even babel.

The exhibition picks some specific perspectives in which thinking about truth becomes a conscious part of artistic creation. Inititiated by Chris Bierl, Julia Schmid and Annelies Bakker due to an invitation of Bernhard Draz, board member of Meinblau e.V.

participating artists: Maria Barnas, Chris Bierl, Keren Cytter, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Christoph Lauenstein, Julia Schmid, Fiete Stolte, Doris Maximiliane Würgert
exhibition concept: Chris Bierl & Julia Schmid
authors: Annelies Bakker, Maria Barnas, Joachim Blank, Keren Cytter, Emese Domahidi, Bernhard Draz, Amber van den Eden, Marta Gnyp, Jules van Hal, Ingo Kasper, Hannes Kunstreich
performance: Keren Cytter im Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
publication concept & graphic design: Lars Neckel - lanestudio
exhibition views Kunsthaus Meinblau, 2013, all photos © Kreisdreieck Berlin
with financial support of Bezirksamt Pankow - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, Rathenau Hallen, Bumiller Architekten & Stiftung Pfefferwerk

exhibition view Kunsthaus Meinblau, 2013
artists: Maria Barnas, Fiete Stolte, Chris Bierl

Maria Barnas
framed photograph, 23,0 x 29,5 cm, 2013

Chris Bierl
First Step On The Moon
installation: laser, mirror, acrylic glas, dimensions variable
framed photo print from NASA-archive, Nr.AS11-40-5882HR
22x31 cm

Keren Cytter
Show Real Drama
theatre Performance, HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Christoph & Wolfgang Lauenstein
Video PAL, unmasteres, 4:3, 07:15 min

Julia Schmid
Eine Kritik
indian ink on canvas
186 x 393 cm

Fiete Stolte
Mobile clock
camera, monitor, control system, neon, metal
dimensions variable

Doris Maximiliane Würgert
P.Lucido, Der wahre Erfinder der Fotografie
book, 21 x 27,5 cm, edition 20 pcs.
cabinet with documents and images, each 26,6 x 19,5 cm, mixed technique

concept & design: Lars Neckel - lanestudio