- Anime, 2015
all selected works
154,7 x 119,8 x 5,5 cm
japanese soils, live praying mantids, paste, wood

I collected different soils along my route from mid to south of Japan. I marked the route by tagging the collected soils with their GPS coordinates and used some of these beautiful colored soils to create monochromatic informal and 2-dimensional environments for different live Mantids from Asia, which have the possibility to adapt to the colors, which surround them. The title of each work simply carries the GPS-data of its origin.

32°52’49.9’’N 131°05’02.4’’E, #1 

31°10’37.8’’N 130°33’37.9’’E, #1 

35°09’42.0’’N 135°51’12.9’’E, #1 : detail

35°09’42.0’’N 135°51’12.9’’E, #1 

33°04’28.9’’N 131°50’47.5’’E, #1 

34°27’12.4’’N 133°58’31-7’’E, #1 

31°35’08.2’’N 130°38’27.6’’E, #1