OrganicMatterBiosphere, 2013

1 walnut tree, oil, iron, sulfur, yarn, handmade soap from ghana; 18x80x160 cm
2 Phyllocrania Paradoxa–ghost mantis, iron, wood, polyamid; 140x17x23 cm
3 iron, oilsand, water from Black Sea, handmade flask from Bosporus; 130x17x23 cm
4 glass, water, iron, wood; ca. 13x35x10 cm
5 rigidur, oilsand, PVC; 120x60x4 cm, composition variable
6 polyester resin, sand, plaster; je 20x15x3 cm
7 adhesive letters; variable

photos © VG-Bildkunst

publication & layout by Lars Neckel - lane studio

Crude oil is the basis of Chris Bierl’s installation. Intrinsically fascinated by the nature of materials, he touches upon the processes of art, science, theories, and assumptions. He plays with crude oil as material, the theories around its formation, and the aesthetical consequences that are neither predictable nor coincidental. Crude oil is the chemical feedstock for thousands of products and a driving force behind economy, leading industries, and political powers. The material is intrinsically grimy and unhealthy, though aesthetically and powerful in the work of the artist.
(Text: Annelies Bakker)