Int.Airports, 2007/08

installation view at kunstbunker tumulka;

34 light boxes as steles, 34 fine art prints, LED panel

The installation shows 34 satellite views. Lightened boxes in form of columns show explicitly an international city with its appropriatly airport, in relation to its geographical integration. The arrangement of the steles corresponds to a sculptural, topographical reproduction of the map of the world. The installation opens in connection to an overload of shown names, numbers and informations on a LED-panel, contexts of geopolitical denotations. The informal layer clarifies in contrast to the esthetical, different relevances to the cities and countries in a global network to the passengers and
commodieties air traffic. The installation was developed for an exhibition at Kunstbunker Tumulka in Munich.

photos © by Chris Bierl, VG-Bildkunst