High Wichita, 2013/14

polyamid, steel, acrylic, soil, Phyllocrania Paradoxa - ghost mantids, test tubes, flys,
6000x60x100 cm & variable

2 projections (video 1|8:39 min|loop: video 2|8:32 min|loop, FULL HD)
exhibition views at project space gallery EIGEN+ART Leipzig

photos: ©VG-Bildkunst

This installation reminds in its aseptic esthetics of a test setup in a labratory. The work includes several living ghost mantids, which are not investigated completely yet. Bierl influenced their mimesis by different designed environments and created a spectrum of different colours in their appearance. These are modified to certain purified soils, which are also exhibited on the long table. Meanwhile he created a kind of pseudoscientific neoalchemistic setup in the main space, he installed two projections in the surrounding raw basement, which show two ghost mantids of differnt colour in an almost static recording, blown up to human size, merely moving their antennas and their abdomens.
The title refers to a sci-fi novel by the art theoriest Mark von Schlegell, which plays in 2133.

publication + layout by Lars Neckel - lanestudio